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分享反思 Sharing & Reflections

A selection of sharing and reflections on Buddhist teachings and learning — a glimpse into everyday Dharma experiences of understanding, loving-kindness, compassion, wisdom, mindfulness, transformation and joy.

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"To our Buddhist youths, keep active, explore

and put Ehipassiko 

into action."

Serene Choo

Putting Ehipassiko into Action

"Just like the lotus, we can all bloom with grace and ease, finding peace and purpose within the sticky challenges of life."

Sayalay Sujata

Kindfulness Human Library

"His teachings has guided me to be a better person through the application of the Dharma teachings and practice in daily life."

Daniel Lee

Volunteering with Gratitude

"For many years, I've simply done what I think is important in expressing the Dharma teachings that can be made more acessible through music."

Imee Ooi

​Tunes of Life's Purpose

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