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Venerable Galle Udita Nayaka Thero

31 Jan 2023


Diligence is the path to immortality

Non-diligence is the path to mortality

Diligent people are the same as living forever

People that are not diligent are the same as the dead

“Appamado Amatapadam – Pamaado Maccuno Padam

Appamattaa Na meeyanti – Ye Pamattaa Yathaa Mataa”

Here the words of the Buddha imply that human beings must work hard for themselves and others. The duty of the man is to serve the man. Buddha has discovered the problems of life, sufferings of life, its cause, its deliverance and the way to end the suffering (Dukkha, Samudya, Nirodha, Magga).

He has struggled many births in the circle of life to find out the Four Noble Truths to help the world with his boundless compassion. But the man is lazy today and he does not want to do anything else than to indulge in sensual pleasures.

Visakha, the female leader of lay disciples brought her women friends to Jetawana Monastery but they all had been drunk and they behaved in the temple like mad people. Then, the Buddha used his psychic powers to create darkness and disciplined them.

Buddha asks, why do you have to play fools, laugh and enjoy while you are constantly burning? Why don’t you kindle a lamp when there is darkness?

“Ko Nu Haso Kimaa Nando – Niccam Andhakaarena Onaddhaa

– Padeepam Na gavessatha”

These words of the Buddha imply many kinds of sufferings that man is facing such as desire, anger, illusion, disease, decay, death, sorrow, lamentation, suffering, unhappiness and despair.

These are called eleven kinds of fire also “Ekaadasa Aggi Aahu”. The man is burning with these defilements and problems of life day and night but he is not aware of the way that he should follow to eliminate those problems.

When you know that life is endowed with those problems, then you have to take action to get rid of them. In spite of working for it, the man would ignore it and enjoy life.

There was a farmer who was having a lot of attachment to his paddy field and he told the Buddha to not to come regularly to see him and promised Him that he would offer

rice when he receives the harvest. But one day, there was heavy rain and the paddy was destroyed. He was very sad for losing his paddy and also being unable to fulfill his promise to Buddha as well. Then, the Buddha appeared in front of him and consoled him saying that the reason for the sorrow was the desire.

“Tanhaaya Jaayatee Soko – Tanhaaya Jaayatee Bhayam

Tanhaaya Vippamuttassa – Kuto Soko Kuto Bhayam”

Therefore, Buddha advised him that he could be happy if he would abandon the desire. He was happy upon hearing the advice of the Buddha and he sought the refuge of the Triple Gem.

Through this event, we should understand that nothing is permanent. And therefore, we should not be disappointed when we are confronted with problems and challenges in life.

There are eight worldly contingencies that rotate in our life. Gain and loss, fame and despise, praise and blame, pleasure and pain are accompanied in our life making it ups and downs. Man must have personality to face these conditions and do meritorious deeds in spite of living with a grumpy face and hopeless attitude.

The Buddha said, do not see what others do. Instead, do your own duties and see what is done and not done by yourself.

Na paresm Velomaani – Na paresm Kataa Katam

Attanaava Avekkheyya – Kataani Akataani Ca”

The misery comes to the man if he is going to follow the bad that others do. As others drink, the man also drinks; as others kill, the man also kills; as others gamble, the man also gambles.

The man should think wisely before doing anything because he has the wisdom that is compared to a gem stone as Alavaka Sutra says “Panyaa Naraanam Ratanam".

There are many things that man can do to celebrate the Lunar New Year — meeting up with all relatives and having reunion dinner is cementing the relationships among family members. Visiting temples, visiting monks, visiting relatives, elders and friends are good customs, giving red packets is a way of practising charity, it is a way of getting prosperity. Exchanging two mandarin oranges is showing friendship and relationship. We also must think of the poor and the needy and must help them. The new year is the time to review those good values.

You will win your anger by non-anger, you will win greed by charity, you will win the enemy by doing good, you will win fraud by truth, says the Dhammapada.

“Akkodhena Jine Kodham – Asaadhum Saadhunaa Jine

Jine Kadariyam Daanenea – Saccena Alika Vadinam”

The real victory is to fight against defilement in the mind. The war is actually not outside of the man but within the man.

How beautiful is the sublime Dhamma that guides the man to radiate love for all beings despite all the differences amongst all beings. The Karaniya Sutra advises to inculcate loving thoughts in the mind while standing, walking, sitting down, lying down and even when spending sleepless time.

“Tittham Caram Nisinno vaa Sayaanovaa – Yaava tassa Vigatamiddho

Etam satim Adhitteyya – Brahma Metam Vihaaram Idhamaahu”

Peace and harmony depend on non-violence, patience and understanding.

Therefore, be wise to spend your time meaningfully to make your new year happier.

May all beings be well and happy!!

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