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Singapore Buddhist Music Hub

SG Buddhist Music Hub was formed by a group of enthusiastic Buddhists from different organisations who want to share the Dhamma in a relevant and fun way through music! They strive to support the growing pool of budding Buddhist musicians and artists in Singapore by providing a platform for training, fellowship and performance, as well as learning how to incorporate the Dharma in their music. Being independent and non-sectarian, and they hope to serve any Buddhist organisation that  in reaching out to youths or nominal Buddhists.

2023 Vesak Celebration 卫塞节
Singapore Buddhist Music Hub.jpeg
Singapore Buddhist Music Hub at Amitabha Buddhist Centre.jpeg

This Vesak, Singapore Buddhist Music Hub presented three performances during this Vesak, adding beautiful choral renditions of Buddhist tunes for Kong Meng San Phor Kark See Monastery on 2 June and on 3 June at Buddhist Fellowship Vesak Celebration and Amitabha Buddhist Centre Carnival.


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