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The Buddha Dharma


靠着各方的信任和支援,帮助 我们应付所需的开销,延续出版至今,已走过 30 余年。

期待大家的鼎力支持, 让《佛友资讯》能够服务更多有缘人。

Founded in 1989 by Venerable Guang Chao, For You Information is an independent Buddhist Chinese-English bilingual monthly publication continuing to promote the Buddha Dharma. Being a non-profit publication, we like to thank and appeal to all readers, contributors and benefactors for your invaluable and meritorious support.

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Upcoming Events

  • Camp Ehi-Passiko (CEP)
    Fri, 09 Dec
    Sarimbun Scouts Campsite (TBC)
    09 Dec 2022, 8:00 am – 12 Dec 2022, 10:00 pm
    Sarimbun Scouts Campsite (TBC), Jln Bahtera, Singapore
    ‘Camp Ehi-Passiko’ (‘Come and See’ in Pali) is a camp programme created by Singapore Buddhist Mission (Youth) as a platform for youths to understand the basics in Buddhism, whilst engaging in meaningful activities and exciting games planned wholly by youths.
  • Dharma Lecture and Musical Performance
    Sat, 19 Nov
    Hilton Singapore Orchard Grand Ballroom
    19 Nov 2022, 8:30 am – 5:00 pm
    Hilton Singapore Orchard Grand Ballroom , 333 Orchard Rd, Singapore 238867
    The Dharma Assembly will start with ‘Recitation of Medicine Buddha Sutra and Mantra’, followed by a Dharma Lecture titled, ‘Dharma Medicine for Daily Use’ and finally a Musical Performance using music to convey the Buddha’s Teachings. Venerable Dr Heng Sure will deliver the lecture in Mandarin.
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July Special Interviews & Feature

​佛曲音缘 此生任务

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Vesak Special 

June 2022

佛历2566 卫塞节在欢乐祥和的气氛中度过。今年的卫塞节因缘殊胜,非常难得,也将是令人难忘的。难得之处在于,过去两年多时间里,由于新冠病毒疫情影响,卫塞节庆祝活动也大受影响,多数寺庙、团体只能小范围,有限制地庆祝,或改为线上活动,有些甚至不得不取消。今年则完全不一样,伴随着4 月26 日政府宣布防疫措施放宽,佛教团体纷纷行动起来,有些寺庙原本就有A/B计划,更是迅速调整部署,于是就有了一场接一场的浴佛法会,以及其他形式多样的庆典,带给人久违的欢聚和欢乐。

This year's Vesak is exceptionally special, especially with the resumption of activities and events at Buddhist temples, monasteries and organisations after a 2-year hiatus due to COVID-19 Safe Management Measures (SMM). This issue we feature an extensive spread of Vesak highlights, from pre-Vesak activities to the actual Vesak Day celebrations and post-

Vesak happenings too!

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Highlights 要点

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Buddhist News


May-June 2022

Latest Buddhist news and Dharma happenings

Buddhist Events


May-June 2022


Dharma assemblies, talks, retreats and Buddhist events

Gift of Dharma

May-June 2022

"The gift of Dharma
excels all gifts!"

Special Tribute Series

March-May 2022

On the cover is Venerable Master Guang Chao, Founder of For You Information and one of the founding members of People’s Buddhism Study Society in Singapore.

We pay tribute to Venerable for the immense contribution he made to the Buddhist community for the many different roles he played, and the precious Buddha Dharma legacy he left behind for us to uphold and continue. 

This issue marks the first in the series of special feature articles on Venerable Master Guang Chao, and we invite article contributions as part of archiving the history of Buddhism in Singapore.

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Special Issues 特刊

For You Information covers a variety of Buddhist news, information and articles.
We have selected some issues reflecting the major milestones in our Buddha Dharma mission.

Inaugural Issue

Issue 1 Cover (Chinese).jpg

Issue 1
May 1989

30th Anniversary

Issue 360 Cover April 2019 - 30th Anniversay.png

Issue 360 
April 2019

Tribute to Venerable Guang Chao

Issue 395 Cover.png

Issues 394-396
March-May 2022

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Map of Buddhist Temples and Organisations

Looking for a Buddhist temple, monastery or organisation?

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